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Diaper Changing pad BEST Deal,Holder Bag, Station Pad: Change & Clean Your Baby on the Go! Toddler Travel Tote & Padded Mat. Backpack Cushion Table, Organizer Pouch

Product Features:

    Never carry multiple bags again. This one bag does it all! Parents, you're juggling a lot, and probably don't have an extra hand ready to carry one more thing. Don't add more to your load with your diaper bag and pad. Instead, get this product by PatoKids that fulfills…
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Product Description

Never carry multiple bags again. This one bag does it all!

Parents, you’re juggling a lot, and probably don’t have an extra hand ready to carry one more thing. Don’t add more to your load with your diaper bag and pad. Instead, get this product by PatoKids that fulfills both purposes, and save yourself some serious struggles. It’s an organizer, a bag, a pad – and a life-saver!

A bag that lasts a lifetime: sturdy, premium quality materials, fabrics and zippers
Be prepared anywhere: hangs on the stroller with a buckle
Smart design: mat can be separated from the bag for your convenience

Made with a quality padded cloth, the diaper pad will keep your baby safe while maintaining his or her comfort on all kind of changing tables. You might not always be able to choose where you change your baby, but you can always rely on our pad to keep your little one comfy, cozy and clean. From a family hike in the mountains to a trip to the playground (sans bathroom), this bag / diaper combo will get the job done.

Unlike some other companies, this product has passed a rigorous inspection, ensuring infants and toddlers alike are safe when using our product.

Make sure your baby’s head rests on a soft cushion. We choose the softest sheets, the comfiest clothes for our kids and the most pillow-like hats with that in mind. But we may not be thinking of the changing pad as often as we should.

This bag / diaper combo is high-quality, high-safety, and highly comfortable. When it comes to babies, we parents understand the importance of putting their safety and comfort first. That extends to changing pads.

Your baby will lie on that diaper pad on an everyday basis for a few years, and the most sensitive parts of the baby’s body will be pressed right against the fabric. Make sure it’s soft; make sure it’s safe; make sure it’s PatoKids.

Product Features

  • Black Friday deal, NO MORE BREAKING BAGS: It’s never fun to have a bag break, but when it’s a diaper bag, it goes from bad to worse. PatoKids product is quality, meaning this clutch won’t fall apart the second you leave home and venture into public areas. With other bags, you’ll end up having to buy a replacement. Get the best the first time. Our product will last from when your child is a sweet infant to when he or she is a toddling toddler, and many years after!!
  • MAKE A MESS? WASH IT AWAY: Moms, Dads, PatoKids hold-it-all, folding mat will get dirty from those diapers. So, we’ve made it waterproof and easy to wash – unlike those other companies. Quickly clean the mat, put it back in its folded position and then get back to your on-the-go lifestyle. Strap it onto the stroller with a buckle or put it in the car. Now you’re ready to go for a ride and keep on keepin’ on. Your diapers may be disposable, but this pad is indispensable
  • DON’T WORRY ABOUT FITTING EVERYTHING IN A BAG: Pacifier, diaper kit, maybe even some toys – all of your accessories fit into PatoKids large tote. If you just want to take the pad on which to change diapers when you’re out and about at, say, a rest station, you can take the bag part off. This bag is fit for all of your needs, and it has the size to hold all of the items you need to care for your baby. You’ll no longer have to haul three different bags! Keep it simple by using one organized bag
  • THERE’S AN EXTRA POCKET FOR YOU, MOM AND DAD: With PatoKids bag’s built-in external zipper pocket, you’ll be able to store wallets, small purses or other small items that you might not have been able to fit in another such bag. This means one less thing for Mom and Dad to have to carry, so you won’t have to lug bags around at trips to the park or playground; instead, you’ll be able to do what you want to do at the park: watch your kids being kids!
  • BOY OR GIRL STYLE WORRIES NO MORE: PatoKids luxury black and white design fits every changing table, stroller and nursery color, from pink to navy blue. It works for boys and girls alike and is the perfect accessory for every design, whether it be an airplane theme or a princess one. Gender-neutral and totally cool, it makes the perfect gift for the soon-to-be or current parents in your life
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