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DaffaDoot Luxurious Changing Pad Liner, WaterProof, Plush, Hypoallergenic, Machine Washable / Dryable, Perfect on the Changing Table, as a Travel Changing Mat, or as a Tummy Time Mat

Product Features:

    Welcome to the Diaper Changing Game Show..What's Behind Diaper Flap #1? Hopefully, the diaper has done its job, but unfortunately, poo happens! And you're left praying that the oozing mess you're about to tackle doesn't get out of control. Plus, what about when changing jr. on that (questionably clean)…
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Product Description

Welcome to the Diaper Changing Game Show..What’s Behind Diaper Flap #1?

Hopefully, the diaper has done its job, but unfortunately, poo happens! And you’re left praying that the oozing mess you’re about to tackle doesn’t get out of control. Plus, what about when changing jr. on that (questionably clean) public changing station? Or when changing diapers on the van floor?

This is clearly a job for the Biggest and Best Changing Pad Mat on the market – DaffaDoot!

Thank Goodness it’s so large and absorbent. It handles that fountain of excitement from jr., and the nasty diaper blowout where you wrap baby and sprint to the tub. It’s large enough to last through the toddler years, is washable, dryable, and hypoallergenic.

Bottom line, our extra-large, super-absorbent changing pad liner was built to get the job done, protecting you, protecting your furniture, and protecting baby.

So now your only worry is to decide if you’re ever going to feed jr. sweet potatoes again!

* Expansive 20×30 inches (largest on the market)
* 4 incredible layers:
— Supersoft 100% polyester microfleece (no pilling, no spurs, no allergic reactions)
— Super absorbent 100% polyester micro fabric (just like diapers)
— waterproof TPU layer (hidden inside to avoid tearing)
— colorful 100% polyester outside layer
* Machine Washable / Dryer Friendly
* Environmentally Friendly TPU (no harsh chemicals or vinyl)
* No formaldehyde resin found in other blended fabrics

Look above for special money-savings promotions on DaffaDoot products. And as always, your purchase helps to support FIRST, Inspiring Children Worldwide To Become the Thought Leaders of Tomorrow.

Buying for yourself? As a baby shower gift? As a travel changing mat? Keep one on hand for the changing table, the diaper bag, bouncers, high chairs, and car seats.
Push the Add to Cart Button to get yours today.

Product Features

  • AS SOFT AS YOUR BABY’S BOTTOM. Maybe even softer! With its softspun 100% polyester microfleece, the DaffaDoot changing mat is like laying your baby on a cloud. Hypoallergenic, and washable, you will love nestling your little one onto this pad. Did you know that blended fabrics (cotton/polyester, rayon from bamboo fibers etc. can contain formaldehyde resin, which can cause allergenic contact dermatitis? We didn’t want to risk it, so polyester microfleece was the best choice.
  • FOR THE VIGILANTE MOM It’s always a gamble when poopy diapers are involved, but a vigilant mom/dad will be ready for anything. Part of that preparation includes an absorbent, expansive pad to change baby. Our changing pad has a super absorbent layer, using the same material found inside of reusable diapers, to soak up any pesky fluids which make an appearance. How else can you protect your changing table, Grammy’s couch, the backseat of the car, your friend’s couch…need we go on?
  • A DIAPER BLOWOUT! GET OUT OF THE WAY! Sometimes you just need to cut your losses, wrap baby up in something waterproof, and race to the bath tub. You need a BIG baby changing pad to handle that emergency, and we’re the largest. You need a truly absorbent pad, not a pretty quilted pad which is more air than substance. After baby is in the tub, throw the pad in the washer / dryer to clean it as well. No more money wasted on disposable liners, no more worries about emergency bath tub runs.
  • THE JOYS OF BREASTFEEDING How can something as wonderful as breastfeeding produce such a mess? Good thing that the DaffaDoot baby changing mat absorbs liquidy messes and provides a breathable non-toxic environmentally-friendly TPU waterproof layer to protect the surface under baby. Other changing pad liners can’t hold liquids like our changing pad liner, so you won’t have to worry about any run-off! 🙂 You’re welcome.
  • CULTIVATE THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY We believe in investing in the future by investing in our youth, so we donate a portion of DaffaDoot’s proceeds to FIRST, a global organization for children K-12 designed to inspire using Math & Science, and teach them to appreciate the World’s people and resources. By purchasing our changing mat, you too are helping to inspire young minds into becoming the thought leaders of tomorrow.
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